Hand Tube Brushes
Weiler offers a comprehensive line of power and hand tube brushes for internal cleaning and deburring applications in tubing, pipe, drilled-and-tapped holes, and machined bores and passages. Due to their twisted-in-wire construction, the use of power tube brushes is limited to low-speed power tools such as drills and rill presses and to CNC and manual machine tools in which the RPM can be precisely programmed or set. In addition, they should not be used in reverse rotation to prevent unraveling of the stem wire. Acailable in a wide variety of brush configurations and fill materials, Weiler cna supply a tube bruch for any application.
Applications: Deburring and cleaning dirlle-and-tappaed holes and other intrnal threads. Cleaning and finishing the ID of tubing and pipe. Crosshole deburring. Removing burrs and chips from internal keyways, slots, and grooves. Removing paint, coatings, and build-up other foreign material from the surfaces of bores and passages.
Double Stem - Double Spiral
Nylon Hand Tube Brushes
Single Stem - Single Spiral