LOC-LINE® - Cooling System

Accurately aim coolant flow and many other applications. Repeated positioning is easy and it will stay in position without any spring back. Chemically resistant to petroleum products, coolants, and most common chemicals. (also available in acid-resistant polyester). Electrically non-conductive. Designed for low-pressure applications. The following specifications are guidelines for all Loc-Line® coolant hose systems: LINE PRESSURE & FLOW RATES: (1/4" System - 30-50PSI - 250 Gal./Hr). (1/2" System - 20-30PSI - 478 Gal./Hr). (3/4" System - 10-20PSI - 1,140 Gal./Hr). Temperature specifications are as follows: Melting point 329°F, Maximum operating temperature: 170°F.

Segments, Nozzles, Pliers, Connectors