Phase-A-Matic Static Converters
Runs three-phase equipment on existing 220V single-phase power. STATIC CONVERTERS (Runs motor loads only as 2/3 rated HP). HOW TO SIZE: The largest motor on your machine must fall within the minimum and maximum range of the converter. Do not order a larger unit or heavy duty model thinking it will give you more horsepower. WHEN TO USE HEAVY DUTY: Heavy starting loads (lathes, flywheel driven equip., etc.). Instant reversing, frequent starting, jogging. Air compressors (motor pulley must be reduced by 1/3 diameter). HEAVILY LOADED EQUIPMENT: Pumps, fans, blowers, direct-drive compressors, or equipment requiring greater than 2/3 of its rated HP, use a PHASE-A-MATIC rotary coverter listed below.
Heavy Duty
Regular Duty